Best Way to Sell Your Old Car in Kerala

When it’s time to sell your car, you need to learn a lot about dealerships, used car value in the market, the current demand for your car model, and many more. And you mainly have two options: selling it to a dealer or trading in. What’s the difference? When you sell the car, you get the money, but when you trade the vehicle, you get something in return—you can choose a new car from the limited options.

In a surprising survey, it was found that Kerala was the second state on the list of most cars per household in India. If you go with the statistics, there are around 13 million vehicles in Kerala. In 2019, around 20,00,000 cars were registered in Kerala.

If you want to sell used car in Kerala, you need to mention a few things and present essential documents to the buyer, and then you can negotiate the price.

Things to do before the selling:

  • Photos of your vehicle from all angles
  • Specify the odometer reading accurately
  • Mention the year of manufacture and registration
  • Number of previous owners
  • Full-service record history
  • Accidental records, if any.
  • Type of battery
  • Import part modifications/replacements
  • Re-painted panels
  • Car insurance policy validity

Tips for selling your car at a dealership

If you are trying to sell your car for the first time, you need to be aware of the following things:

Your expectations must be reasonable.

You might have cherished and maintained your car very well since the day you bought it. Sadly, the pricing of the car is not fixed based on that—cosmetic, mechanical, the demand in the market, brand, etc., are the factors that decide the price of your car. So, always understand the situation and look up the demand for your vehicle in the market to understand the reasonable price.

Pricing research

As mentioned in the previous point, your car will sell at a specific price range depending on several factors. You can research online and consult automobile experts about the pricing and get a good idea of the situation. Research doesn’t mean just online; you can ask your friends and neighbours.

The car market is returning to its previous glory after the pandemic. People in the state love cars, and that’s why the state is top in the percentage of people owning a car. Survey says that around 24.4% of people own a car in Kerala, which is higher than in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab(23.7% & 22.1%).

Look around

Nowadays, you don’t need to look everywhere to sell a used car in Kerala. Several agencies/dealerships have mobile applications as well, where you can upload your and your car’s details and get the proper price estimation. Although, it’ll be a good idea to look around and talk to a few dealerships.

Gather important paperwork

Documents are necessary for every situation. When you are buying/selling a car, the papers are essential. Documents like application of insurance transfer, ownership manual, RC (registration certificate), PUC (pollution under control), RTO documents, etc., are necessary for the transaction.

Though the dealership can take care of the paperwork, you need to present these documents, which are essential for the transaction.

Choose your dealer wisely.

You can see a lot of differences between a big dealership spread across the city and a small dealership in your neighbourhood. For example, a popular dealer would be adamant about the price. In contrast, a small dealer will be happy to pay a reasonable amount for your vehicle, especially if your car is only a few years old.

Follow these tips to sell your car at a great price.

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