Essential Things to Know About Airline Loyalty Program Platform

Airline loyalty programs are also known as frequent-flyer programs or FFPs. These programs are given by several passenger airlines to keep clients loyal to them. The loyalty programs have an ‘earn and redeem’ framework. Usually, business travelers need to have a membership and earn miles and points whenever they fly with a specific airline or use any services of their partner. These memberships are primarily free. A loyalty scheme underlying technology has a significant impact on the success of the program manager. You can use an airline loyalty management platform having a cloud-based architecture, which is highly configurable to sidestep painstaking system customizations. Such a flexible platform permits easy partner integrations to speedily launch, test, and track innovative deals to the market. So airlines can take advantage of complete platform integration with less operating cost.

Features of a Cloud-Based Airline Loyalty Platform

A cloud-based management program allows you to enhance engagement, ancillary revenues, and recognition by converting your loyalty program into a distinct brand. These cloud-based software will enable you to launch several rule-based targeted promotions for retaining member loyalty. Some features of a cloud-based loyalty software are as follows:

  • Ability to customize customer offerings – Through the software, you can gather much data from every single member transaction like partner activities and flights to website logins. You can then use it to enhance your revenue and marketing effectiveness. 
  • Comprehensive and unified data repository – It allows you to gather all types of member data. Through this centralized repository, you can come to know the lifestyles, hobbies, family ties, member card details, special requirements, and the like of all your members. 
  • Detailed customer communications – There is a full record of communications transferred like text messages and customer service exchanges. You will find a range of configurable templates in various languages and a designated portal and mobile applications for all the members. 

How a Cloud-based Loyalty Software for Airlines Helps You Reinforce Your Brand

loyalty management platform has various modules like partner integration hub and customer engagement suite. All of these are designed to enable a brand to stay ahead in the market and deliver its promise to its target audience. You will also find modules like a campaign management system, smart analytics and business intelligence, and a mobile engagement solution. The modules enable a brand to expand its membership base, recognize, and engage better with its customers. It is possible due to the following.

  • Non-airline and airline partner management – Through it, the handling of redemption, billing, and retroactivity is automated. You can exchange information in real-time among partner systems and make the whole procedure automated with non-airline partners.
  • Tier, points, and promotions management – You can use the calculation methods that fit your needs for all non-air/air, alliance, and non-alliance partnership types. It allows you to effectively manage exchanges, redemption, upgrades, expirations, and vouchers for points and flights. You can run several targeted promotions at a single time with the help of automated alerts. 
  • Support for integration, reporting and decision – The software offers easy integration with your partners and systems. It doesn’t matter whether it’s alliances, airlines, or any other service providers. You get reports in the format you choose, customized or standard, or exported as a spreadsheet, HTML, or PDF. 

Thus, such cloud-based software integrates seamlessly with various tenets of loyalty management and supports it with in-depth fraudulent analysis. It, in turn, provides engaging and secure experiences for long-term customer relationships. 

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