Sports etiquette should be followed

Playing football is like any other sport. that players must have a culture of play in order to continue to play well In addition, viewers must have a cultural insight as well. will result in absolutely positive results in sports.


1. There is love and unity within the group. Generosity to help.

2. Sports. Apologize for any mistake you may have made. Forgive when friends make mistakes, and lose if they have less talent and skill.

3. Take responsibility for their actions as assignments.

4. Follow strict play rules.

5. Obey the judge’s decision. without displaying a bad attitude towards the referee in the control of not doing anything It becomes a provocation or bullying of the opposing players.

6. Be the patient, sacrifice

7. Courage to choose, express opinions, and speak correctly.

8. Be courteous. they behave in good manners


1. Do not make jokes or make jokes about players who have made a mistake

2. Congratulations to the players who did well, such as clapping and so on.

3. Do not act like the owner, like yelling at the judge

4. Do not like anything deceptive in a negative way for any team.

5. Do nothing. which makes the player or other senior officials inactive.

6. Do nothing. which prevents the player from playing



1. Equipment for footballers:

1.1 Shoes should be free to choose. good change After every use, clean it. Trimmed and covered with newspaper or kapok to keep the shoes in their original condition.

1.2 Gaiters to prevent bumps from scratching or scratching.

1.3 T-shirt: Use a cloth that absorbs sweat well. Goalkeepers should wear long sleeves to prevent slipping from falling or hitting a player.

1.4 Trousers should be made of cotton and comfortable to wear. free movement

1.5 owner gloves Avoid slipping in wet and muddy areas. After use, it should be cleaned and dried in the shade.

2. Equipment used to play football

  • 2.1 Football is to be approved by FIFA, weighing 396-453 grams. If it is wet, or dirty with mud, it should be cleaned and wiped dry.
  • 2.2 Target nets should not be torn or have holes attached. set firm After use, keep away from heat and moisture.
  • 2.3 Scores and number of points, be careful not to get wet. prevent decay Store in a place away from moisture, such as a shady spot or storage room.
  • 2.4
  • Scores should be evaluated regularly during training or competitions to ensure that they are stable and stable. This should be given if the football ball is high-inflation or low-inflation.
  • 2.6 Corner flags are placed in the corner of the yard. Used and maintained in order. and woven when needed to maintain good health.


Football Rules (English: Spadegaming Rules) rules and regulations for world football were established by the Football Association. There are currently 17 items required by the IFAB agency.

Rule 1: Soccer field with rectangular turf, 100 yards wide, 130 yards tall, with stripes. The field is clean, it looks like a picture.

Rule number two: A round ball, made of leather or other material. fit that does not hurt the player I ball number 5 has a circle of 68-70 centimeters and weighs about 410-450 grams.

Rule 3: The Number of Players consists of two teams and each team has a first and subs. Real players will be the first players to enter the stadium. Reserved players are available to exchange with real players or players He actually cannot play or other events As appropriate or at the discretion of the team manager The first line should be 7 people and no more. more than eleven people and one of them must have a gatekeeper, the security of which may be no more than seven persons.

Rule Four: Football equipment (under rule 2) is used to play the same ball and players’ uniforms. Two teams competed All in the team except the goalkeeper must wear the same color the team and all the teams. should wear clearly different colors. You may not be able to wear uniforms with the same tones (for example, one team wearing a white jersey. One team wearing a yellow jersey.)

Goalkeepers must wear a jersey of a different color from the players of these two teams and competing players. he has to wear shoes. (Currently, athletes are not allowed to use bare feet to play) it is said that equipment should be played in competitions. There are also some tools Rules are not binding, but players often use gaiters, gloves, and a helmet for gate builders. And there are also smaller facilities for people with health problems that can be allowed to enter. While playing, such as glasses (for those who have eye surgery), masks, headgear, and more.

Rule 5: Players

Rule 6: Assistant Referee

Rule 7: Competitive Time

Rule 8: Start of Competition

Rule 9: The ball goes out of court.

Rule 10: How to Score a Score

Rule 11: Offside

Offside In football rules it means the player loses when the ball is touched. or to be played by one player in his team where the referee thinks he or she is clearly involved in the match or includes a player or the possibility of being in a lost position at that time but is not considered a loser. kick is given to the player. indirectly from a stumbling block.

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