Difference Between Managed V/S Unmanaged Hosting Platforms

A fully managed and dedicated server hosting indicates an isolated unique hosting environment that is offered by the service provider. It can include administration, complete setup, management, and internal support of the platform app. A business enterprise needs to make a careful choice regarding the web hosting infrastructure.

Services like email, eCommerce setup, and website design are vital for any kind of business operating in this digital world. Netizens rely heavily on servers to be fully operational. Selecting the right type of managed dedicated server hosting for your business operations can pave way for success and getting brand recognition. It will also enhance your web hosting experience positively.

Define Dedicated Servers

Before gaining knowledge about managed and unmanaged servers, it is essential to understand the role of dedicated servers. They are remotely operated servers deployed and hosted by a hosting company duly assigned to a business organization.

Difference between unmanaged and managed (dedicated) server hosting platforms

  • Unmanaged Server Hosting – Unmanaged dedicated servers can be an ideal option for businesses who wish to take full control and responsibility for their hosting servers and other related software. It is a cheaper option for all those companies with internal IT professional teams and human resource staff. This way companies choosing unmanaged dedicated servers can apply their own management programs. The primary hosting company will be only handling the infrastructure operations and ensure its smooth running.
  • Managed Server Hosting As mentioned above, managed server hosting takes on the sole and complete responsibility of managing the configuration and the handling of the client’s server. Business organizations that settle for such servers do not have the time or inclination to be bothered with the day-to-day server administration. Choosing managed dedicated servers could also be connected to their availability of limited resources.

Merits of Managed Server Hosting

Businesses that pick managed to host do not stress over dealing with issues related to performance, hardware, monitoring, and security. Reputed web hosting companies deliver exceptional plans for their clients such as providing superior locked-down protection and security via dedicated server plans. They offer regular updates and 24/7 monitoring for malware detection. Besides, they also provide DDoS protection and handle all operating systems and their automated data cloud backups.

Companies have the option to select either of the server hosting plans depending on their business operations, financial investments, manpower, and other resources. Going for an ill-advised or wrong server hosting plan can eventually cost you more in the future. So, it is best to arrive at a fair decision beforehand.

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