Comparing travel insurance for Thailand: Finding the best coverage

travel insurance for thailand
travel insurance for thailand

We all love to travel, and whenever travelling abroad, travel insurance policies play a highly effective and beneficial role in securing travellers from covered risks of varying degrees of severity and frequency. 

A travel insurance policy is a risk management tool that provides financial protection from covered medical and non-medical travel-related risks. These policies come with a list of coverage options, and insurers guarantee payment for any additional expenses borne due to these covered risks in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

Keep reading to find out how to choose the best travel insurance for Thailand.

What are the types of travel insurance policies?

Travellers going on a trip to Thailand must consider several factors before choosing an insurance policy. One of the first steps in figuring out which policy to choose is to consider the type of travel and the specific policy. The first of these factors is the type of policy to opt for. 

Insurers in India offer many different types of travel insurance which one can look out for based on their needs:

  • Domestic 

This type of insurance covers risks associated with domestic travel. Although this policy is limited in the extent of coverage when compared to international travel, it acts as a necessary safety net within one’s own country. 

  • International

This type of insurance covers extensive risks when travelling internationally. As domestic health insurance does not continue abroad, it becomes imperative to have insurance covering health risks and other travel-related risks. 

  • Single-trip

This is the most common type of travel insurance offered. This covers a single round-trip from the country of origin to the destination country and back. 

  • Multi-trip

This type of policy covers multiple round trips within a set duration. As this duration is typically a year, it is often called annual multi-trip travel insurance. 

  • Student

This specially designed policy offers extensive coverage based on a student’s needs, such as sponsor protection or study interruption coverage. 

  • Senior citizen

This policy is designed to consider senior citizens’ needs and offers the necessary coverage based on their requirements. 

What are the benefits of travel insurance for Thailand?

The second step in choosing the right insurance policy for your needs is to consider the insurance provider’s specific coverage options and benefits. Here is a list of some of the key coverages provided by leading insurance providers like Niva Bupa.

  1. Coverage for medical emergencies (Both in-patient and out-patient)
  2. Coverage for personal accident
  3. Coverage for significant delay or loss of checked-in baggage
  4. Coverage for trip delay, interruption, and cancellation
  5. Coverage for loss of passport
  6. Coverage for missed connecting flight

Once you have determined that your preferred insurance provider offers these coverage options, it is vital to consider other benefits such as sum assured, premium charged, cashless claims, etc.

Utilise these factors, such as single-trip and student coverage of up to $500,000, a premium of less than ₹2000 for all policies, and cashless claims in over 150 countries with Niva Bupa, and compare them with other countries. 

How can you buy the best travel insurance for Thailand?

In 2024, buying travel insurance is quite simple. With just a few clicks, you can get your policy within minutes. 

Follow these steps to get the right policy for your Thailand trip.

  1. Visit the Niva Bupa website and click on Travel Insurance.
  2. Fill in all the required information on the next page and click on view plans.
  3. You can select one of the three plans offered, select the appropriate sum insured for your policy, and preview the premium charged for the policy. 
  4. Fill in all requested information, submit relevant documents and purchase the plan.


By following the comprehensive guide outlined above, you can confidently select the optimal travel insurance for Thailand from one of India’s premier travel insurance providers. Whether you prioritize simplicity, affordability, or comprehensive coverage, Niva Bupa stands out for offering some of the most robust insurance policies for Indian travelers. With a wide-ranging scope of benefits and extensive coverage, you can rest assured that your trip to Thailand or any of over 190 destinations worldwide is safeguarded. Don’t leave your travel plans to chance—secure your trip with the right travel insurance, granting you the peace of mind and confidence to explore the world worry-free.

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