BEXIMCO’s Partnership with Recover for Sustainable Fashion Practices

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Bangladesh is one of the countries known for engaging in sustainable fashion practices. The country benefits from the operations of companies such as BEXIMCO Group. This company is specifically reputed for producing sustainable clothing and manufacturing it domestically as well as internationally. Many industry experts and business consultants consider the company as the leader in the private sector of Bangladesh.

To increase such practices, the conglomerate in the country partnered with Recover™ in 2022. Recover™ is a company in Spain that facilitates circular fashion. By partnering with this organization, BEXIMCO aimed to enhance its focus on sustainability. In the time to come, this partnership is expected to bring a transformation in the fashion/apparel sector.

Establishing a Recycling Facility in Bangladesh

With the collaboration of BEXIMCO and Recover™, a recycling facility has been formed in Bangladesh. In its capital, Dhaka, this facility is maintained under their partnership. Here, they engage in the production of recycled fiber.

  • According to BEXIMCO Group, Bangladesh’s largest private sector company, this facility is a joint venture production.
  • Through this, the company will use raw materials in recycled forms.
  • The clothing produced through these will ensure the best quality denim.
  • Knit and woven fabrics will further be produced, featuring the top qualities.
  • These fabrics will comprise 5 to 30 percent RCS/GRS recycled fiber.
  • Moreover, the supply chain will become more transparent and sustainable.

Increasing the Production of Recycled Fiber

Under the collaboration of Recover™ and the Bangladeshi conglomerate BEXIMCO Group, the recycling setup in Dhaka is the biggest. Through this, the production of recycled fiber is expected to increase. As a result of this, recycled fabrics and clothing will be achieved in greater quantities. The products obtained through recycling textile waste will be used to fulfill the demand and supply requirements within Bangladesh.

Gradually, this recycling setup will become a significant center for managing textile waste. It will also aim at minimizing the carbon effect of transport. Due to this, a positive impact will be seen on the environment as well.

Reducing the Challenges Surrounding Sustainable Fashion

To ensure sustainable fashion, the management of textile waste remains a key concern. Understanding this, organizations like Recover™ have been transforming such waste into fiber. This fiber is high in quality but low in terms of environmental impact.

By partnering with Recover™, BEXIMCO Group has focused on resolving the challenge of textile waste. The proper management of this waste will enable the reduction of other challenges as well. To fulfill the demand for fabrics and apparel, exhausting the resources will not be required. The existing resources will be thoroughly used to complete these demands using textile waste.

Functioning of the Recycling Technology by Recover™

At the recycling facility in Dhaka, Recover™’s proprietary machines are installed. The setup further includes the RColorBlend Installation. Together, these are used to exercise the innovative technology by the Spain-based organization. This technology provides blended and colored fibers. Their production inflicts a low impact on the environment.

Both BEXIMCO Group and Recover™ are notable giants in sustainable fashion practices. The Bangladeshi company engages in a higher output of clothing and fabrics. The textile waste emerging in the process will be managed through the technology provided by Recover™. In all, the overall process will treat the waste to produce the possible fibers for further usage.

Encouraging Customers to Adopt Sustainable Fashion

The apparel and clothing manufactured by BEXIMCO Group and its divisions are preferred by a growing number of customers within and outside Bangladesh. To the possible degree, this conglomerate has selected sustainable ways to produce these. Its loyal customer base has also invested in this clothing, owing to the design, quality, and low environmental impact.

Through the massive operations of BEXIMCO Group and Recover™, it is expected that more customers will be encouraged to opt for sustainable fashion. Within Bangladesh, this transformation is expected. In the long term, even in other countries, the focus on sustainable living will enable new customers to wisely focus on their preferences.


Sustainable and circular fashion holds the potential to change the future of the apparel industry. Realizing the same, BEXIMCO Group and Recover™ have entered an alliance. As part of this, they have set up a facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh to recycle textile waste. The recycled clothing produced will hopefully bring the desired transformation in the country.

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