5 Reasons To Use Hand-Hewn Log Siding

Log home living is simply amazing, and the trend is still growing in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Each year, more than 35,000 log and timber-frame homes are built in America. If you plan to build a log home or cabin or convert an existing dwelling to one of them, we have some good news.                                                                                                                                                                       

Log siding is an exciting product that can be secured to conventional wall framing and looks like full logs without the full log price. It is relatively fast and easy to install, and it is available in a hand-hewn configuration. This siding looks like it just came from a pioneer’s workshop, and it’s affordable too.

How Hand-Hewn Log Siding Is Made 

Pine hand-hewn log siding is milled from red pine trees that are grown on sustainable tree farms. The general steps it goes through from trees to finished products include:

  • Trees are harvested, the limbs removed, and trees are hauled to the mill
  • Bark is removed, trees are cut to length, then shaped to a consistent diameter
  • The center of the log is removed leaving two D-shaped pieces of siding
  • Each piece of siding is shaped to look like it was hewn by hand with an axe or adze
  • Each piece is kiln-dried to the correct moisture content and stored for sale

It Looks Like Full Logs

Once the processing is completed, a piece of siding emerges that looks like a full log once it is installed. If you want that traditional hand-hewn look for your log home or log cabin, this is a terrific product to use. 

Hand-hewn log siding is very distinct from a smooth log surface and reminds us of colonial days.

When you want an authentic-looking log house, this is the route to take. Each piece comes from the mill hand-inspected for quality that ensures it is defect-free. Compared to synthetic log products, this product is the real thing.

Hand-Hewn Log Siding Installation

Hand-hewn log siding is fast and easy to install compared to building a full log home or cabin. Here are the major installation benefits you will appreciate for siding, log corners, and trims:

  • Each piece has the tongue and groove/end-matching features
  • The siding is attached to conventional wall framing
  • Log siding is virtually a “no-waste” product
  • Measuring and sawing time is reduced
  • Homeowners with woodworking skills can install siding
  • 80% of caulking is eliminated because of its construction

Pine Log Siding Is Affordable

If you have ever priced full log or timber frame home construction, you know they are expensive. Thousands of dollars are saved by building with hand-hewn log siding. 

  • Material costs are less 
  • Material transportation cost is lower
  • Labor cost is less
  • Renting a crane is eliminated
  • There’s no need to pay a crane operator

In general homeowners insurance costs less for log siding homes and cabins than full log homes and cabins. Check with your insurance company to verify the savings.

Hand-Hewn Siding Is Stable And Durable  

Some of the issues with full log homes include expansion and contraction of the logs, joint separation and settling, and maintenance costs. Hand-hewn log siding is manufactured to be a relatively stable and durable product that requires less maintenance in the long run.  

The tongue and groove/end-matching design adds to the siding’s stability as well as its kiln-drying process at the mill. It is secured to wall framing with screws or nails that provide stiff structural integrity.                                                                                                                                                     

Order Unfinished Or Pre-Finished

Hand-hewn log siding is available in both unfinished and pre-finished conditions. Your decision is based on who you want to do the staining and sealing work. Unfinished siding costs less and requires more labor while pre-finished siding saves more time. If you want to apply the finishing products yourself or hire a painter, go with the unfinished siding.

If you prefer using the pre-finished siding you will appreciate the benefits of professional application of stain and sealant and an amazing-looking finish. If you are on a tight schedule, use this product.

Order Online For Convenience

High-quality hand-hewn log siding, log corners, and log trims can be ordered online and shipped direct to your building site. Other log home products are also available for your convenience:

  • Oly Log fasteners to secure the siding and trim
  • Stains, caulking, and chinking products
  • Knotty pine paneling and flooring
  • Pine interior doors
  • Interior pine trims
  • Stairways and railings
  • Beams, posts, and trusses

Hand-hewn pine log siding is an authentic-looking product you will love. Check our sale prices and make your building plans today.


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