What Nutrients Improve Your Sex Life Immensely

Vitamin B12 benefits sexually

Hanky Panky. Makin’ Whoopee. Creating The Beast With Two Backs. There are lots of silly ways to describe it, but we all know it by one word: sex. Although it can be fun to talk about, and has been known to make even the sweetest angels turn into naughty devils, sex is not always an enjoyable experience for some.

Sex is enjoyable and healthy, but many experience sexual dysfunction. Rather than drastic measures, boost your sex drive with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E enhances blood flow, improving erections and vaginal lubrication. Vitamin C increases stamina and oxytocin levels. Vitamin B12 benefits sexually by boosting energy and stamina, making sex more enjoyable. Glutathione improves blood flow and endurance, while Arginine increases sensitivity and duration. Regular nutrient IV therapy can effortlessly optimize your sexual health.

In fact, about 30% of men and 40% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction. But besides the obvious pleasure gained from intercourse, there are also plenty of health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, from a roll in the hay. Sex is a huge part of our lives, in fact, it’s the reason we have lives in the first place! But what can you do, if doing it simply isn’t doing it for you? Well, there’s no need to join a monastery just yet. In fact, the solution for a strong sex drive might just be a few simple vitamins and minerals to give your bedroom a boost.

We compiled a list of nutrients that benefit your sex life immensely as well as the benefits each nutrient provides, so you can go from clammy companion to provocative partner in less time than it takes to take off your clothes. Check the list below to learn what important vitamins will boost your sex life:

For those looking for an easy way to have more energy in bed, nothing says easy like E, Vitamin E that is.

As our first on the list, Vitamin E offers lots of great benefits for those looking for a way to have better sex. One of the most proactive ways that Vitamin E can improve your sex power is by enhancing your blood circulation. It has been proven that erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of blood vessels not being able to dilate properly, restricting the access of blood to where it needs to be, thus weakening your willy, so to speak. With Vitamin E in your system, you’ll have longer and stronger erections, as a result of increased blood flow to your little buddy. Vitamin E can also be used for women as an aid for vaginal dryness. When a woman is aroused, the blood vessel walls around the vagina secrete a natural lubricant. When there is decreased blood flow to this region, the vagina tends to secrete less as a result. By increasing blood circulation, Vitamin E can help increase vaginal lubrication and make sex all the more sweeter. So, if you want to have a healthier sex life you can go to an IV nutrient therapy center to make an improvement immediately.

Vitamin C gives you stamina for increased sexual performance. Here’s how:

We all know that a healthy dose of Vitamin C can help clear a cold, but did you know that Vitamin C can also help you with a cold fish in bed? Vitamin C has been known to help you have more stamina in bed naturally by decreasing stress reactivity and also increasing blood flow. It also helps the release of oxytocin, a hormone produced during sex that helps you feel euphoria during an orgasm. Those people lacking in Vitamin C will end up feeling more anticlimax than climax when it comes to doing the deed. But don’t worry, you don’t have to drink a gallon of orange juice to be gallant with your guy or gal, try to include Vitamin C in your daily diet for boosting your libido naturally. You can also check out a vitamin IV clinic for the healthy in Fort Lauderdale to get the right dosage of Vitamin C, as well as, plenty of others of nutrients to improve your sex drive.

Vitamin B12 improves your immune system while making sex hotter.

We’ve mentioned before how B12 can improve your immune system, but B12 can also make sex bigger, bolder, and better. B12 deficiency affects over 40% of the U.S. population and can lead to symptoms like fatigue, low energy, and low stamina. If you find yourself feeling sluggish when it comes to slipping under the covers, there’s a good chance it may be due to not getting enough B12 in your system. Seriously, this is one of the best vitamins that boosts energy and increases stamina. With a regular dose of B12, you’ll find that your desire for sex will have increased and you’ll be able to last longer in bed. Make sure to get nutrient IV therapy to get rapid results so you can return to your romance.

Glutathione has many sexual benefits, too.

We’ve talked about it before, but Glutathione is great when it comes to getting’ down. Glutathione is an antioxidant that provides numerous benefits when it comes to the bedroom. Glutathione helps with detoxifying the body by protecting the cells from free radicals that can affect your blood flow and reduce energy in your body. Glutathione has also been known to increase strength and endurance, making you last longer during sex. There’s lots of ways to get more Glutathione into your system but the best way is through intravenous means. You can find nutrient IV therapy in South Florida to help you get more Glutathione into your body.

Arginine activates your sex life big time.

This amino acid helps increase circulation with ease. It also makes the genitals more sensitive to sexual stimulation due to increased blood flow. You will also be able to last longer to the influx of nitric oxide that is a by-product of arginine. Arginine has also been known to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve male fertility, and improve vascular function. It’s like a natural Viagra without the embarrassment of having to the pharmacy to pick it up. You can try to find it in a supplement store but the best way to get this important nutrient is at a nutrient IV clinic.

Looking for Natural Ways to Improve Your Sex Life?

There are plenty of nutrients out there that can give you what you need. They perform a range of different functions from increasing your blood flow, giving you more energy, and increasing stamina. You can also try safe and non-invasive treatments like GAINSWave®. Sexual health is important. Sex is something that helps us express our love for each other and it’s something that’s just plain fun.

It’s important to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, so why not make sure that your sex life is the best it can be? Of course you can go to the pharmacy and spend more money than you’d want to get all these great nutrients, or you can get regular nutrient IV treatment and save yourself the hassle. After all, when it comes to sex, you want to make sure that you’re both hot and bothered, not tepid and annoyed.

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