What Is The Gojek Clone App? Begin Your On-Demand Business With Gojek Clone Multiple Service App

Every day, people’s lives are getting difficult. With a busy lifestyle, they do not have long to finish household chores. But, the on-demand market has modified the means individuals live and makes their life simple.

The reason to extend the freelancer and seamless communication system is the advanced technologies. The on-demand industry is continually getting fueled by the demand and trust of the users.

In the early stage, on-demand services were restricted to ride-hailing services, but now it’s expanded into various day-to-day needs in a border market. These on-demand apps not only make people’s life easier but also, make opportunities for service providers and business owners for an internet platform.

These apps are developed with modern technological wonders as they provide essential services to people’s doorstep. The unicorn app for on-demand service is the gojek app, which involves specific characteristics and pointers.

Let’s see what’s gojek, workflow and why you develop the gojek app.

What is the Gojek Clone App?

The gojek application is developed in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim. Go-Jek app offers a large range of various services like food delivery, transportation like bike rides taxi rides, logistics, etc in a very single app.

Gojek is named an all-in-one on-demand app. People like this app, which doesn’t have an excessive amount of time to explore new apps and services. you’ll be able to get everything in one app. Connecting riders with service providers is the idea behind this idea.

Right now, similar to the super apps like Gojek are ruling the On-Demand Market.

For any startup or entrepreneur, offering multiple services apps could be a dream come true. Earlier, providing various on-demand applications for providing totally different services was overpriced and long.

However, in recent years, things have modified apace with an application like Gojek. With this Gojek Clone Script solution, startup or business owners offers on-demand multiple services through one application.

Gojek clone is prepared to use a script with advanced features. Also, it’s a profitable business because investors haven’t got to pay huge amounts for various mobile app development and testing. In one app, they’ll invest a substantial amount and might get the expected returns.

Key Reasons Why Gojek Clone App in Demand!

Safer and More Convenient

The demand for multi-service apps like gojek has inflated. During the lockdown, usage of delivery apps on-demand inflated. On-demand apps provide affordable on-demand services to bridge between the buyer and supplier because people maintain social distance and barely leave their homes.

Easily Accessible

Smartphones enable users to order and use services anytime and in any place. as an example, users of the on-demand grocery delivery app can order their grocery items from a close-by store with just some taps.

More Efficient

The owner of a multi-service business should specialize in a way to reach bent on more people and increase profits, instead of just managing a business. Everything is way more efficient and good with the Gojek Clone app.

How Does Gojek Clone Script Impact Your Business?

Features and functionalities will enhance your business venture. Our Gojek clone script enables the simplest services that satisfy your customer’s demand.

Our gojek clone script offers quite 40+ on-demand services for transportation, delivery, and other provider services. By adding advanced features, you may enjoy smooth handling, fast access, and seamless working.

How Do Apps Like Go-Jek Make Money?

All the business aims to get good revenue. Thus, we’ll examine how you’ll be able to make money with a gojek clone.

Business Commission

Gojek helps totally different businesses increase sales by giving its services. Reciprocally for a commission, they supply services to those companies. For that, companies must pay some commission fees.

Customer Fee

The Gojek app provides individuals to access everything in one place. All relevant services are on the market in-app, thus customers feel comfortable using them. To empower customers addicted to the app, Gojek charges a subscription fee.

Delivery Commission

When a delivery is successful, the delivery person must pay a little of their payment, which they receive from the customer. In exchange for a commission, the delivery person must pay Go-Jek a specific amount.

Must-Include Features to Gojek Clone App

Many features and modules make an app like Gojek functional and dealing. These modules comprise the subsequent category, which includes:

– User app

– Store app/ panel

– Service Provider

– Delivery person app

– Admin panel

User App

Customers can use apps to register, seek services, browse menus, and more. a number of the exclusive features you’ll be able to think about using within the customer app are:

– Multiple Service

– Filter & sort

– Track order

– Easy payment

– Schedule order/service

– Customer takeaway

– Reorder

– Get Notifications

Delivery Person App

Easy-to-use delivery person app has several options that build it purposefully. These includes:

– Quick Login

– Select Vehicle

– Manage Request

– Profile Status

– Manage Document

– Earning History

– In-App Map Navigation

– Customer Feedback

Store App

Features included within the store app help store vendors manage everything efficiently. Including features are:

– Manage Order Status

– Order History

– Manage Profile

– Store Settings

– View Order Details

– View feedback

Service Provider App

Several advanced options are on the market to service providers like:

– Add services & packages

– Manage services

– View service details

– Manage Profile

– Live Chat

– View Feedback

Admin Panel

Admin panel has exclusive features that make it easier for admin to own complete control over business activities.

– Manage Service Categories

– Manage Promo Code

– Manage users

– Set Surge Price

– Contact Less Delivery

There are plenty of features that you simply can consider including in your Gojek app.

Cost of Developing an App Like Gojek

If you’re searching for an ideal price for developing an app like gojek, then you may fail to urge it. the value to develop an app as gojek relies on the varied factor like:

– App type and size

– Device and platform selection

– Features and functionality included

– Platform complexity

More factors affect an app the same as Gojek’s development cost. So, it is best to use the gojek clone script for the mobile app development company.


Gojek clone app helps the business to achieve popularity as a business giant within the on-demand market. Many startups or business brands are area units taking the support of app development companies to launch their business online. If you’re also looking to hitch the competitive market, then White Label Fox can facilitate you with it.

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