Unveiling the 2024 Price Guide: Understanding the Cost of an Ashera Cat

You would be knowing that the Ashera cat is one of the most costly breeds in the world. This breed of cat may cost $100,000. Most of the users would doubt why this breed costs a lot. The cost of this breed is so high because it is an exceptionally rare breed. This is one of the breeds which is made by using the cross-breeding of domestic house cats, African serval, and Asian leopard. Lifestyle pets made this breed first in 2000. 

The cat is much larger than the other cats as it is 4-5 feet and weighs 33 pounds. If the person wants to purchase this breed then they can buy this from the laboratory. Through this article, the person would be able to get to know how much Ashera cats cost.

The one-time cost of Ashera cat:

The cost of buying this cat is more than buying a rare purebred. This cat costs more because it is rare and sterile so you should not adopt this breed at your local shelter. If the person is purchasing this Ashera cat then they must consider other costs as well. Some of the costs which are involved other than buying are as follows:

  1. Breeder ($125,000): Are you one of those who are looking to buy an Ashera cat then you must think that you have to pay $125,000 roughly. The person can even look for other similar cats which are Savannah cats because it is available at affordable rates. 

You would be glad to know that this cat shares its ancestors with Ashera which are domestic home cats and African serval. It is not that Savannah is not expensive but the actual rate is half of the Ashera cat. This is hard to declare that Savannah has been banned in some parts of the U.S.

  1. Initial setup and supplies ($950 – $1,770): You would know that your breed may include certain services at the time of purchase which include microchipping and vaccinations. There are several things that the person has to buy before bringing Ashera’s cat home. You know that Ashera cat size is big so a litter box is not required. The person has to buy a harness and leash for littering or you have to take it out for a walk. 

How much does Ashera cat cost per month?

  1. Health care ($70 – $165): The healthcare costs of the Ashera cat are more than keeping the other domestic cat breed. The person has to add more money to buy food for the ashera cat because the size of the ashera cat is larger than other domestic cats. You have to keep an extra cost for caring for this exotic breed. 
  2. Food ($25 – $45): Due to the size of the Ashera cat, the person has to keep an extra budget for buying food for this cat. You would know that normal cats have to eat 24 – 35 calories in a day but this cat eats 720 and 1,050 calories in a day. The person can estimate that the cat would be eating 2-3 cups of food regularly. You have to buy 16 pounds of bag of cat food in a month.
  3. Grooming ($5 – $15): You would be glad to know that you need not have to pay a large amount for grooming this breed because it has the ability to clean itself automatically. The person may have to invest in buying a good brush for the Ashera cat. Brushing the cat would not only help in shedding but also make the fur of the cat shiny and clean.
  4. Medications and vet visit ($20): Most people would be knowing that visiting a vet would cost $50 on average. The person has to keep in mind that this is an exotic animal. Many vets do not accept exotic animals so a trip to exotic vets would be costing you high. Ashera is one of the hybrid cats which requires a higher care than other domestic cats. 
  5. Pet insurance ($25 – $100): The insurance of this cat is also more than the other domestic cats. But if the person is not going to have good insurance for your Ashera cat then they have to pay a large amount when your cat is having any health issues later on. 
  6. Entertainment ($15 – $35): The person would know that these cats usually require any mental stimulation or physical activity to remain happy. Most of these cats require more exercise than other domestic cats. You can take them for a walk to do exercises or provide them with cat toys. The person has to keep in mind that your cat is powerful and can break the cat toys easily. The best solution for this problem is to apply for a subscription box for toys.


Through this article, you will get to know about the actual Ashera cat cost. This breed is considered one of the most expensive breeds in the world. The person has to be prepared for the feed, groom, and many more to keep the Ashera cat healthy at home. You must know that the amount of keeping this breed at home can cost you $200 per month. If the person is not able to afford this much then they can buy another breed of this cat which is affordable but if you are ready to pay an extra amount then they must consider an Ashera cat. 

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