Smooth Travel: Transport Solutions from Heathrow to Gatwick Airport

transport london heathrow to gatwick airport


Traveling between London’s two major airports, Heathrow and Gatwick, can be a daunting task, especially for first-time visitors or those unfamiliar with the city’s transportation network. However, with proper planning and knowledge of the available options, this journey can be a seamless and stress-free experience. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the various transport solutions for traveling between Heathrow and Gatwick airports, providing you with the necessary information to make an informed decision based on your preferences, budget, and time constraints.

I. Public Transportation

1. Train Services

One of the most convenient and efficient ways to travel between Heathrow and Gatwick airports is by train. The Gatwick Express, a dedicated non-stop service, offers a direct connection between the two airports, with trains departing every 15 minutes during peak hours. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes, making it a time-saving option for those with tight schedules. Additionally, the regular train services operated by Southern and Thameslink provide an alternative route, albeit with a few stops along the way.

2. Bus Services

For budget-conscious travelers, bus services offer an affordable option for traveling between Heathrow and Gatwick airports. National Express operates a direct coach service between the two airports, with frequent departures throughout the day. While the journey may take longer than other modes of transport, the buses are equipped with comfortable seating and luggage storage facilities, making them a practical choice for those with ample time and a desire to save money.

II. Private Transportation

1. Taxis and Minicabs

Taxis and minicabs provide a convenient door-to-door service for those who prefer a more personalized and direct mode of transportation. Licensed taxis can be hailed at both airports or pre-booked through reputable companies. Minicabs, on the other hand, must be pre-booked and offer a more cost-effective alternative to traditional taxis. It is essential to use only licensed and reputable minicab companies to ensure a safe and reliable journey.

2. Private Car Services

For those seeking a luxurious and hassle-free experience, private car services offer a premium option for traveling between Heathrow and Gatwick airports. These services typically provide high-end vehicles, professional drivers, and additional amenities such as complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi access. While more expensive than other modes of transport, private car services offer a level of comfort and convenience that may be worth the investment for some travelers.

III. Rental Cars

Renting a car can be a convenient solution for those who prefer the flexibility and independence of having their own transportation. Both Heathrow and Gatwick airports have numerous car rental companies on-site, offering a wide range of vehicles to suit different needs and budgets. However, it is important to consider the additional costs associated with renting a car, such as fuel, parking fees, and potential congestion charges in central London.

IV. Factors to Consider

When choosing the most suitable transport solution for your journey between Heathrow and Gatwick airports, there are several factors to consider:

1. Travel Time

The duration of the journey can be a crucial factor, especially for those with tight schedules or connecting flights. Train services, such as the Gatwick Express, offer the fastest option, while bus services and rental cars may take longer due to traffic conditions and additional stops.

2. Cost

Budget is often a significant consideration when selecting a mode of transport. Public transportation options, such as trains and buses, are generally more affordable than private transportation solutions like taxis, minicabs, and private car services. However, it is essential to factor in additional costs like parking fees and congestion charges when considering rental cars or private transportation.

3. Convenience and Comfort

The level of convenience and comfort desired can also influence the choice of transport. Private transportation options, such as taxis, minicabs, and private car services, offer a more personalized and comfortable experience, while public transportation may involve more walking, waiting, and potential crowding.

4. Luggage and Group Size

The amount of luggage and the number of people traveling can also play a role in determining the most suitable transport solution. Larger groups or those with excessive luggage may find private transportation or rental cars more convenient, while solo travelers or those with minimal luggage may find public transportation more practical.

V. Tips for a Smooth Journey

To ensure a seamless and stress-free journey between Heathrow and Gatwick airports, consider the following tips:

  1. Plan ahead: Research and book your preferred mode of transport in advance to avoid last-minute hassles and potential delays.
  2. Allow ample time: Factor in potential traffic delays, especially during peak hours, and allocate sufficient time for your journey to avoid missing flights or connections.
  3. Check for discounts and promotions: Many transport providers offer discounts or promotional rates, so be sure to explore these options to save money on your journey.
  4. Stay informed: Monitor travel updates and advisories to be aware of any potential disruptions or delays that may affect your journey.
  5. Pack light: If possible, travel with minimal luggage to make your journey more comfortable and convenient, especially when using public transportation.


The transport london heathrow to gatwick airport can be a seamless and enjoyable experience with the right planning and knowledge of the available transport solutions. Whether you prioritize speed, cost, convenience, or comfort, there is an option to suit your needs. By considering the factors discussed in this article and following the provided tips, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free journey between London’s two major airports.

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