Phone Spy App can Save You From Becoming Helicopter Parent

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Do you need a Phone Spy App? Let me be brutally honest but the I have heard some very strange and weird things about parenting teenagers. People in my circle have told me stories that may have been horrific for even some of you and unimaginable for many others. So it was inevitable that I would be unprepared or at least would not be trying something on time to deal with the teen storm. I know it’s funny and some of you might be laughing hard while reading about my preparation but trust me I had to do something to tame my heart. It was giving me anxiety. So the research started early and  I knew about the use of the spy app. Day came earlier thanks to modern technology. My daughter demanded a smartphone way early and my son had been going through some rough patches according to the school as he was involved in verbal and even fistfights with his schoolmates. So ladies and gentlemen it was time and I did it. I installed the TheOneSpy spy app in my kid’s smart gadgets after a careful secret mission. Here is how I am copying up and at least trying to c9nquer the teen parenting phase in my way with the help of spy app technology


The spy app doesn’t take more than 5-7 minutes for installation. Moreover, the app gives freedom to choose the bundle of your choice. The installation needs physical access to the target device. So in case, you fear that your kid might not allow it you have to do the installation smartly. My tip is to install the app before handing over the gadget. I had the choice so I did it. For those parents who have already given the gadgets to the kids, you must try to physically access the device when it is not password encrypted.


It is completely legal to install the app on a teenager’s device by parents. Parents have the right to know about the minor kid’s activities and life. The purpose of the app is to supervise not control teenagers’ life. Thus no need to worry about the legal matter.

Stealth Mode:

One of the best things that attracted me to the spying app world was the stealth mode. Though not every app is capable of handling the matter but the TheOneSpy spy app offers the stealth mode. You can monitor your kids 24/7 through their gadgets without letting them know.

Parental Control Features

Here are some of the parental control features offered by the phone spy app

  • In case you are worried about online media and internet access the app can control your anxious soul. You can know about all the websites visited by the kid with time-stamped information with the help of the track internet history feature.
  • You can even block any useless website like porn sites, adult content or triggering stuff with a web filtering feature.
  • Another feature that I needed the most from any spy app was the location tracking wanted an app that offers real-time pinpoint location tracking of the target with accuracy. The spy app offers the feature as GPS location tracking feature.
  • You can check their location, whereabouts, and history of movements with the help of the location tracking feature. The feature gives the parents insights about the secret hangout places of the kid and quick access to the real-time location in case of any emergency.
  • With the geofencing feature, I can mark a safe and restricted zone on Google Maps. Any movement around the marked zone is notified to me immediately by the app.
  • My daughter prefers texting while the boy likes to call. So I needed an app that covers both kinds of communication. The TheOneSpy spy app offer calls log and text log features for call monitoring and text check respectively. You can not only know about the incoming and outgoing call time and id but can even record the call as well. Similarly, read the text message and save the kid from spam messages, check the code language, and knew about the new slang.

The app offers so many interesting features. Simply visit TheOneSpy. Com website and be the cool parent who knows everything.

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