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Online video : The Future of Content Marketing

It’s no surprise that the online world has changed significantly in the last decade. We certainly live in a world of mobile video content. People use mobile devices to do organic research about careers, restaurants, stuff to buy, and other topics throughout the day.

One of the most significant developments has been in video. The advent of video has altered how digital brands may communicate. It has also altered how customers choose to receive them. Let’s look at the significance of video marketing. If current trends continue, they will most likely only expand.

Video marketing statistics

Here are a few facts, according to HubSpot, to make you understand how video marketing has emerged in recent years:

Including a video in marketing emails may increase click-through percentages by 200-300%.

As per YouTube, mobile video usage increases by 100 percent every year.

90% of buyers say product videos assist them in making purchase decisions.

Currently, 87 percent of internet marketers use video content in their online marketing efforts.

One-third of the people who spend time online are spent viewing videos.

Video commercials now make up over 35% of all internet ad spending.

Users enjoy videos.more than text based content 

The consumer preferences have primarily influenced video content’s popularity. Do you want to get more followers,and customers? Then you must give them the type of content that they desire. It will make them more receptive to your words.

According to Smart Insights, when discovering new products and services, 72 percent of respondents prefer video over text content. This tells what the majority of people prefer and the count is quite huge. 

Videos are more likely to be shared on social media

In addition to this choice, 83% of consumers stated they might try to share a film they enjoyed with others. This gives your business even more advantages. It aids in increasing brand exposure, increasing engagement, and increasing ROI.

People no longer choose to watch visual content and advertising on tv and in films. According to Google, six out of ten individuals now choose to watch internet videos over television.

Your brand can profit from videos

You may wonder what kind of video content you may use. You may create the following type of videos: 

  • Explainers
  • Presentations
  • Vlogs
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Ads
  • Product demo
  • Customer review
  • Streaming Video
  • Content for social media

These can range from website presentations to 5-minute YouTube lessons to 10-second TikTox. A combination of video content will most likely improve your entire content strategy. 

A video must serve several objectives, be designed for multiple platforms, and be of varying durations.You may use video content to establish your authority, increase the popularity of your brand, and reach out to new audiences.

You may create one video and then edit or trim video into various sizes per the social media platforms’ demands. You don’t have to be an expert, as you can use any good video editing tool to process your videos like a pro. 

Regardless of what kind of content you use or on which platform, rest assured that it is a powerful tool for you to use for your business to create impact and reach more and more people. 

Buying behavior influenced by videos

While video content is more popular among Millennials and Gen-Z, it influences people of all ages. Video content strongly impacts buying behavior. 

According to Hubspot, nearly half of all internet users seek product or service-related videos online before visiting a brand.

You may use video to establish strong first impressions and convert visitors. Seventy-six percent of individuals said they bought a service or product after seeing a video. 

Almost 60% of consumers believe it is essential for goods and services to present themselves in video format. Also, over half of the users find video content as an engaging source of information. 

It is tough to capture the attention of consumers online. This is due to a variety of factors. 

Consumers are rapidly wary of advertising strategies. This implies that marketers must constantly adapt. Every minute, 300 videos are posted to YouTube alone. So, you understand the competition and the need to be at the top. 

There is always something new being introduced to the digital world. Every day, people all across the world upload stuff to the internet. As a consequence, no single individual could be aware of everything. Without a solid approach, it is simple for your business to be lost in the shuffle.

Nevertheless, if you can generate video content that interacts with your users, you will be able to guide them through every phase of the consumer journey correctly. This is extremely effective in an ever-changing digital marketing field. You never know when or where someone may engage with your content.

Improve your reach and engagement

Naturally, sharing accessible information in everyone’s desired format will increase your engagement rates. However, statistics reveal the surprising amount to which video content may profoundly influence.

Videos attract 300 percent higher visitors and can assist in the nurturing of critical leads. 

According to Insivia’s study, including a video on a website increases its chances of ranking on Google’s main page by 53 times. Video has several advantages.

Video attract more audience

More people will lower your bounce rate. This might help Google determine how relevant and beneficial your site is, raising its ranking.

If you integrate video content into your emails, it might boost your email performance? According to HubSpot, including video content in your emails may boost click rates by up to 300 percent. Video may be used in various ways throughout your whole online marketing and content strategy.

Over to you

Both buyers and advertisers prefer video content. The vast majority of customers prefer video content. They even express that they might like to see more of it from businesses.

Many companies have discovered that video content performs well. As per Hubspot, 52% of marketers believe that this form of content provides the highest ROI. You must start using video material if you aren’t already.

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