Meet the Colourful Cocomelon Characters: Exploring the Crew

Cocomelon Characters

Cocomelon is undoubtedly one of the most famous YouTube channels created for kids as this channel has everything that it needs to make learning fun for small kids. The popularity of the channel has now made way for the channel to Netflix as this popular channel is not available on Netflix and can be used by parents to teach different things to their kids. 

You will be able to find a number of nursery rhymes on the channel, along with basic educational material that will ensure the smart learning of children. The channel is also popular among the kids because of the number of characters that appear in the videos uploaded by Cocomelon as all of them are unique and different from one another. 

There are a number of kids who ask about these characters from their parents and this is why here we are to provide you with an introduction to the Cocomelon family and give you cocomelon characters names. 

Learning the Names and Personalities of Cocomelon Characters 

If your kid is asking the name of the small one-toothed kid present in the cocomelon videos then, you do not need to make up any name as all cocomelon characters have their own name and personality traits that we are going to tell you about here. 

So, make sure that you read all the details with utmost care to provide the background of cocomelon characters to your kids. 

1. JJ 

JJ is a Caucasian American 3-year-old kid who is the lead of cocomelon videos. It is very easy to recognize JJ from all the other kids as he has an ice-cream-shaped curl on his head. 

2. YoYo 

YoYo is a 4-year-old girl who is also the big sister of JJ and she is shown as a cheerful young girl who is always ready to help as many people as she can. 

3. TomTom 

TomTom is a very important cocomelon character names that you need to know as he is the eldest brother of JJ who represents all kids because of his curious nature. 

4. Dad 

The father of JJ, YoYo and TomTom is only known as Dad in the videos and he appears to be the silliest member of the family just like all fathers. 

5. Mom 

The mother of JJ, YoYo and TomTom is a very sweet and lovely woman who is always taking care of her active children and trying to keep up with them. 

6. Grandpa 

The main family of Cocomelon also includes Grandpa. While he does not make much appearance in the videos, he is still around whenever he is needed. 

7. Grandma 

Just like all other grandmothers, Grandma loves her grandkids a lot and teaches them important family values while ensuring that they are having fun. 

8. Miss Appleberry 

Miss Appleberry is a very important character in the cocomelon universe as she is the teacher of JJ and all the other preschool kids that appear in the videos. 

9. Cody 

Cody is a 3-year-old African-American preschooler who is also JJ’s best friend. He appears in almost all the videos on the channel and looks to be quite energetic and enthusiastic. 

10. Cece 

Cece is a bright Asian girl who is a lovely dancer. Cece is a friend of JJ and Cody as she is always with them when they are learning new topics taught by Mis Appleberry. 

Apart from these cocomelon characters, there are three other preschoolers: Nina, Nico and Bella who appear in the videos uploaded by the channel and make the cocomelon universe very fun. You can easily visit the website Onlinegeeks to know more about these characters and the specific videos in which they appear. 

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