Low-Calorie Meal Plans: Suggestions and Examples

Low-Calorie Meal Plans: Suggestions and Examples
Low-Calorie Meal Plans: Suggestions and Examples

Cutting down on calories has long been a tried and tested method to lose weight. However, it is not the easiest to do in practice because it is dependent on a person counting their calorie ingestion accurately. If a person does not count their calories accurately, even by being a tiny bit out, it can have negative implications on that person’s ability to lose weight. As a result, practitioners of a low-calorie diet need to weigh all the ingredients of their meals in advance, to make sure they are not including too much of one thing, which will tip the calorie count way above what it should be. 

Bearing that in mind, it can be really beneficial to sign up to weight loss meal delivery (UK wise). With a meal delivery service that promises to help aid weight loss, so much of the hard work is done for you. You don’t need to weigh anything as all ingredients come pre-measured for you. Plus, a huge benefit to weight loss meal prep delivery services is that these companies have a wealth of suggestions for what to eat. So often, people do not stick to low-calorie diets because they find them boring. They simply do not know enough low-calorie recipes or options to sustain interest. 

Here are just a few options from weight loss meal delivery UK companies at the moment that can form part of a low-calorie meal plan. 

  1. Chicken, Red Wine Jus And Mushroom Stew, With Cheesy Mash And Chives, From Hello Fresh

You wouldn’t often think that you can have cheesy mash when you are on a diet. Yet, with this hearty meal from Hello Fresh, you not only have mash, you also have a delicious stew that is filling and tasty too. Anyone who eats it will be satiated and their tastebuds happy. Crucially, that means there is far more chance of diet followers keeping their hands out of the biscuit tin. 

  1. Massaman Chicken Curry Served With Green Beans, Red Peppers And Rice, From Balance Box

Curries are great to eat when following a calorie-controlled diet. That’s because they are jam-packed full of flavor, yet, when you can include lots of veggies they can be extremely good for you too. This option from Balance Box will ensure that there is no unnecessary calories or nasties that so many convenience food manufacturers include. 

  1. Mediterranean Lentils And Aubergine Mezze, From Mindful Chef

Lentils are low in fat, yet really filling which is great for people on a low-calorie diet. So often, for people to stay within their calorie count, they simply eat less. That’s not a long-term solution. The answer is eating lots of foods that are going to fill you up for longer, without massively increasing your calorie count too. 

  1. Creamy Garlic Mushroom Gnocchi, From Gousto

Many people would be surprised to see both gnocchi and cream as an option for a low-calorie meal. Yet, Gousto has managed to create such a meal that is full of flavor. As a result, those who make this yummy meal will leave the dinner table happy even though they have had a meal that is under a tiny 600 calories. 

Low calorie meal plans

The above examples of tasty recipes are all available on some of the best meal delivery services in the UK.  So if you are looking for weight loss meal prep delivery companies, these are all fantastic options that will help you stay on the straight and narrow when you are trying to lose weight. Making your life as easy as possible is key when trying to cut calories in an effort to shift some pounds. These companies are well worth the subscription price to ensure that you finally lose the weight that you want.

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