Key Steps You Should Consider For NetSuite Implementation – A Quick 2022 Guide

Have you ever installed any business software? Did you spend time with those tech experts who are there for installation? Surely you must have heard the term “implementation”.

Even if you are in a transition to a new software suite or have chosen to leave the entire task in the hands of your IT professionals, we recommend you dive deeper into the details and the actual process which they follow. You may know the deftness of the work that goes into quality consulting, customization, and training and support. However, delving into the details of each of these functions will help you understand the core technicalities and challenges that are confronted during the implementation process.

You need a team of seasoned NetSuite implementation experts who are on a purpose to help clients maximize their productivity with the best-in-class technology. The entire implementation process involves a few series of steps that are considered to be the fundamentals of the NetSuite implementation.

Read on to learn each of these steps even if you are not handling the technical aspect of your software implementation process.

NetSuite Implementation in 11 Simple Steps

If you know the basics of NetSuite implementation, you are at the right place to find out the entire procedure in simple steps. Implementing the premium suite of business software generally requires the following steps.

1. Team Set-up

The very first thing is to build the right team of individuals who will take the responsibility for handling the entire project. Select the individual who can remain the champion of the project throughout the process. Give responsibilities to each of the team members based on the key tasks such as decision making, the internal and external flow of communication, handling the project, scheduling meetings related to the software project, and administrating the implementation process. A strong team will always remain familiar with the end-user processes linked to the project rather than just overseeing IT functions in a business.

2. Understanding The Requirements

The team analyzes the weaknesses of the current systems and their benefits. To determine your software requirements the NetSuite partners will determine your software requirements and optimize the implementation accordingly. At this stage, the best course of action for NetSuite implementation is finalized.

3. Starting Installation Process

When the full scope and the project requirements are determined, the actual installation will now begin. With any big project, the installation and customization always take place in various phases. This step crucially involves loading your software onto your system. Of course, some hardware work is needed. Since NetSuite is a cloud-based suite, most of the process gets focused on remote operations initialization.

4. NetSuite Onboarding

The moment NetSuite is installed, the NetSuite partners along with the implementation team will begin creating the ways and means through which you and your team can interact. This includes preparing the code to run, creating user logins, and various other activities.

5. Early Build and Testing Runs

The team of cloud specialists known as NetSuite implementation consultants will start to run the necessary codes to ensure your NetSuite system starts taking its shape. Here, at this stage, you can give try on the program version to check how it suits your business and finds out the hiccups while giving shape into an intuitive interface.

6. Customizing NetSuite

The reason why NetSuite is considered to be world-class ERP software is that it has numerous advantages. One of the most effective advantages is the immense potential of customizing. At this stage in your implementation, the cloud experts arrange your applications as per the specifications you mention. They deploy the features developed for your business accordingly. Also, they closely work on each of the steps to check the complete functionality of the NetSuite system.

7. Full-Scale Testing

Here at this stage, the NetSuite system gets nearly completed. The next move is into testing. You have to try a myriad of operations and provide regular feedback to the NetSuite team of experts. The team will thereafter identify the issues and challenges and find out suitable remedies leading to feature enhancements.

8. Additional Optimizations

At this point, the setup team including your company individuals and the NetSuite implementation experts ensure the system gets suited as per your requirements and specifications determined. Also, they will check the interoperability of the various applications as per the designs done. Secondly, they also check the interaction of the NetSuite systems with other systems that your company runs.

9. Staff Training

Post setup, configuration, personalization, investigation, and integration take place, the NetSuite experts team of educators will begin to train and teach your staff how to use NetSuite. Some applications are created for ease of use and serve as hands-on tutorials while your staff is learning to get used to the new faster and seamless workflow.

10. Regular Access to NetSuite

Here at this stage, the NetSuite system is all ready to go. You and your staff can now being to use it at a full scale on a day-to-day basis. You can now check out with your company how better it can do for the business and how far it can help you to carry the workflows in a smooth and streamlined manner.

11. Optimizations Done

Very typically, if the NetSuite implementation partners are rightly selected, you may not get any further requests for modifying the software post its delivery. There are certain NetSuite consultants and partners who do a double check to sunset the implementation is absolutely flawless or not.

Duration and Cost of NetSuite Implementation

The average duration of the NetSuite implementation is up to three months. This may sound quite a long time. However, it is way much lesser than the specific industry standards for the on-premise NetSuite implementation. Also, it depends on the need to integrate and the amount of customization needed.

The cost of NetSuite implementation differs based on the amount of development work needed and which systems need to be integrated.

Have a Smooth Take-off!

The successful NetSuite implementation may be a faster, smoother, and fearless process. This is possible only when you and the NetSuite team work together. The best NetSuite consultant team is always committed to a successful implementation process to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business relationship. Together the entire work becomes streamlined and gives superior performance metrics generating a smooth implementation process.

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GIR Software Services provides software solutions around e-commerce and ERP and maintain it by rendering exceptional quality of services, thereby helping customers focus on their business and growth. GIR’s Oracle NetSuite Commerce Partnership, which includes the strategic planning, design, and implementation of Oracle NetSuite, SuiteCommerce Advanced, and SuiteSuccess. It provides the expertise, experience, and support needed to achieve E-commerce business goals.


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