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Home sellers most common FAQs

As a new or inexperienced seller, it is normal to ask a lot of questions for both reassurance and gaining knowledge of the complete process. Sellers will try to find the right real estate agents with ample experience and knowledge to help them go through the complete process as soon as they put their homes on sale. Let us have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions that home sellers have:

1. Do I really need the service of a real estate agent?

Hiring the services of a Realtor has a lot of benefits. They have a vast knowledge and experience of the local market. They are experts who can help you to accurately price a property and ensure a quick and easy sale.

2. How do I choose the right realtor?

Once a seller realizes the importance of hiring a good real estate agent, one of the next questions they often have is how they choose the right realtor. Follow the below-mentioned tips for choosing the right realtor to sell your home

  1. Interview the realtors correctly. Ask all the questions that come to your mind.
  2. Request previous and current client testimonials and/or contact information
  3. Review the prospective real estate agent’s history
  4. Don’t select a realtor just because they offer the lowest commission
  5. Understand how they market their listings

3. How can I prepare my home for selling?

As soon as the home seller has made the decision to sell, they need to understand the next steps. A good real estate agent can advise them on how to prepare the home for selling. Good realtors can advise them to take care of any essential repairs like leakage, damp, or plumbing problems. The first step to preparing a property for sale is to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and decorated ready to be photographed for listing.

4. Should I stage my home or sell it empty?

When giving tips for home selling, the perfect formula in this situation is a blend of the two. A staged home sells quicker than an empty one, but removing all the personal items and decluttering the house will help prospective buyers picture the house as their own without any distraction.

4. Do I need to be present for viewings?

This might not be an advantage for a seller to be present at a viewing. It can make potential buyers feel uncomfortable and unable to ask certain questions. It is best that the owners be absent when a prospective buyer visits the home for viewing.

5. How much is my home worth?

Your home’s worth depends on the home’s individual factors like the location, size of the house, etc. A comparative market analysis will be prepared by your agent that will compare similar properties in the local area.

6. What are the costs of selling my home?

Another common question from home sellers is how much will be selling their home cost.  Many home sellers don’t realize there are costs to sell a home.  Since a home sale is one of the major transactions someone will be involved in, it is important to know what all the costs involved are. Some of the most common costs of selling a home are mentioned below:

  1. Brokerage fees/real estate commissions
  2. Title search
  3. Costs of various repairs from inspections
  4. Seller concessions (if applicable)
  5. Transfer taxes
  6. Capital gain taxes
  7. Existing mortgages or home equity loans, mortgage payout and penalty if applicable

7. What Should I Avoid When Selling My Home?

Home sellers are concerned about what mistakes they should avoid while selling their homes. There are certain home selling mistakes that s­­­­­­­­­­ome home sellers make that can kill a home sale before it even gets going.  It is important to avoid home selling mistakes such as hiring the wrong agent, pricing a home too high or too low, being unrealistic with negotiations, and not accommodating showings.  By avoiding these mistakes, a home seller can exponentially increase the chance of the successful sale of their home.

Sellers have a lot of questions on their minds when they go to sell their homes. By asking the questions a sellers can educate themselves on the process and many important real estate topics and decisions that they will come across throughout their sale.

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