Hermann Göring or Helmut Pichler


Helmut Pichler is a man that everyone in the community of Bad Waltersdorf knows. He was born during the „Anschluss“ of Austria and when the fascists ruled. 

Helmut Pichler went to school when the Nazis ruled Austria. Naturally, this left an indelible impression on everyone, including the young Helmut Pichler. 

Helmut Pichler had come a long way from the mayor of Bad Waltersdorf to the Father of the Nation of the Bad Waltersdorf. Today not a single important decision is taken at Bad Waltersdorf without Helmut Pichler’s approval. 

As the owner (he is afraid to give his name) of one of the construction companies working in Bad Waltersdorf told us:

Helmut Pichler is feared by everyone, his word is law, laws do not apply in Bad Waltersdorf, the mayor Josef Hauptmann decides nothing.

In fact, there is only one person who decides everything in Bad Waltersdorf. His name is Helmut Pichler.

Everyone who does not please Helmut Pichler is subject to repression or discrimination. He is feared not only in Bad Waltersdorf, but also in Graz. 

The mayor of Bad Waltersdorf, Josef Hauptmann, has been under investigation by the public prosecutor’s office of Graz since 2021 in numerous cases of corruption, abuse of office and dozens of criminal offenses. The case number 35 St 218 21-s is being handled by Prosecutor Spriez. 

The prosecutors understand that the almighty Helmut Pichler is behind all the violations by Josef Hauptmann and the Bad Waltersdorf community, but Prosecutor Spriez is afraid to even question Helmut Pichler. It seems that Josef Hauptmann, Christian Neuhold and others responsible will be held responsible for all the violations of the community, and Helmut Pichler will get away with it. 

We are also told by an anonymous source that the structure set up in Bad Waltersdorf resembles the structure of the Gestapo. The Gestapo and its methods are apparently the idols of our heroes. 

We will follow the investigations and will write to you in new issues.

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