Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa in Astrology

Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa in Astrology

The Hanuman Chalisa is acknowledged as being the most important 40 verses in Hinduism. As the name suggests, these 40 verses of Hanuman Chalisa are entirely dedicated to Ram Bhakt, Hanuman. The renowned saint Tulsidas ji composed this astounding Hanuman Chalisa. Ramcharitmanas, one of the largest epic sagas, was also penned by him.

About Hanuman Chalisa-

These 40 verses are poetic composition that describes the powers and divine energies of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that whoever recites Hanuman Chalisa get rid of all kind of fear and negativity. However, one also becomes courageous and self-confident after chanting the Hanuman Chalisa lyrics every Tuesday and Saturday. Even though Hanuman Chalisa has many advantages, we’ll focus on a few of its astrological advantages today.

Here are the Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa in Astrology-

Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa

Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa

Astrological Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa

Divine Wisdom

Hanuman Chalisa helps a native to gain more spiritual and divine wisdom. It is also beneficial in acquiring knowledge of all the positive and spiritual energies around us. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa helps you to become optimistic and teaches you a way to manage your life in difficult situations.

Chanting the lyrics of Hanuman Chalisa can bring peace and enlightenment to those who are looking for spirituality and wisdom. The power of the great Hanuman Chalisa helps a person to stay away from the unpleasant atmosphere. However, it is also beneficial to stay focussed in life as well. These inspirational verses of the Hanuman Chalisa assist you in avoiding undue stress and aiding to soothe your mind.

Minimize the bad impacts of Saturn

As per the Vedas, the worship of Hanuman ji proves to be very beneficial for getting rid of the d impacts of Saturn. Therefore, one can recite Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkand every Saturday. Saturday is the day dedicated to Shanidev. Additionally, it is said that by reciting Hanuman Chalisa every Saturday, Shani Dev is incredibly pleased and gives desired results to the devotee.

Reduce the negative effects of Mars

Laal Kitaab, a well-known religious book, states that people can overcome Mars’ adverse effects by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa every day. A lamp or incense can also be lit at the Hanuman temple on every Tuesday and Saturday. Additionally, it is thought that sincerely worshipping Lord Hanuman will help one overcome not only the unfavorable elements of Mars but also the unpleasant impacts of Rahu and Ketu.

Removes the obstacles

“Durgam kaj jagat ke jete

Sugam anugraha tumhre tete॥”

The above-mentioned Chaupai from Hanuman Chalisa claims that by simply calling Bajrangbali by name, even the most challenging problems can be resolved with ease. It is said that if one hears or recites the Hanuman Chalisa daily, even its difficult paths become simple. So, If you are also experiencing any sort of challenges in your life as well, you should routinely recite the Hanuman Chalisa while worshipping Bajrangbali.

Defense against evil forces and black magic

This point can be cleared from the following Verse of the Hanuman Chalisa-

“Bhoot pisaach Nikat nahi aavai

Mahavir jab naam sunavai ॥”

The meaning of the above-mentioned lines states by merely mentioning the illustrious name of Lord Hanuman, all ghosts, demons, and evil forces don’t come near you. The person can avoid ghosts, demons, and impediments by repeating the Hanuman Chalisa regularly. All bad and negative forces instantly escape when they hear the name, Mahavir Hanuman. You can also recite the Hanuman Chalisa if you experience negativity around you or frequently have bad dreams at night.

These are some of the advantages of Hanuman Chalisa from an astrological perspective. Now we’ll let you know the best time to recite Hanuman Chalisa-

Best Time to Recite Hanuman Chalisa-

  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily after taking bath is beneficial.
  • Tuesdays and Saturdays are the best days to recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa.
  • You can recite the Hanuman Chalisa either before or after the evening aarti.
  • If you have bad dreams while sleeping at night, recitation of Hanuman Chalisa before sleeping gives relief from all kinds of fear


The advantages of Hanuman Chalisa are endless. Not only that but it is also said that Bajrangbali himself will defend a person if they recite the Hanuman Chalisa with dedication. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa not only reduces all kinds of negative effects but also maintains family peace. Sankatmochan Ashtak and Bajrang Ban can also be chanted to appease Kesarinandan, in addition to the Hanuman Chalisa.

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