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Attain Increased Source Of Information With Cluster Tanamas

Full-furnished homes at Tanamas Grand Wisata Cluster can be had at very competitive rates, beginning from 1.5 M-an. Two house types offered include LB 73m2 and 108m2, both featuring two bedroom and four carport.

Mall Living World Grand Wisata is a transit-oriented development project, making access easier between industrial areas and housing areas in Grand Wisata Bekasi and its surroundings. A shuttle bus will make LRT access easier.

1. Modern Minimalist Design

Minimalist design trends feature simplified forms and colors to their most basic elements, creating space-efficient interiors with openness and elegance. Breathe design follows this principle and features light natural shades.

This project is located in an ideal spot, providing easy access to numerous facilities and services including restaurants, a shopping mall, recreation facilities and more.

Cluster Tanamas provides several styles of houses, ranging from LB 73m2, 78m2 and 84m2. All models boast four bedrooms for sleeping and two for living purposes as well as carports.

2. Homey Design

Homey designs are essential to leading an enjoyable lifestyle. A good home design must accommodate the needs of all its residents – including social and lifestyle activities – while remaining visually pleasing and easy to clean.

At Celebration Plaza, an example of homey design can be seen through its community center. Residents gather there to share experiences and participate in activities; it also serves as an event and meeting space, making this public space inviting for everyone. Its open design makes this community hub feel welcoming.

3. Functional Space

Functional spaces are vector spaces with complete inner products and normed dimensions; as such they belong to Banach spaces.

Cluster Tanamas is conveniently situated within Bekasi and allows for public facilities that are centrally located. Additionally, this complex offers compact yet high quality housing units suitable for family units of greater magnitude.

Cluster Tanamas boasts an ideal location; only 15 minutes to Jakarta Central station with various transit distances to three primary trains at the top of town. Furthermore, this complex features cutting-edge technologies and safety systems including smart doorlocks, lightswitches and CCTV IP cameras for added protection.

4. Flexible Space

An ideal home should be comfortable, spacious, and surrounded by greenery; that is why we provide an assortment of residential properties to fit into your lifestyle needs.

Commercial facilities designed to attract tenants include Gateway commercial and Cafewalk.

This cluster offers all the amenities necessary for living and working comfortably, close to Jakarta city centre. Transportation options available here include JORR 2, Jakarta-Cikampek express train (KCET), LRT and bus antar jemput.

5. Eco-Friendly Design

Tanamas grand wisata units come equipped with various technological and security systems designed to protect its tenants. These include smart doorlocks, lightswitchs and CCTV IP cameras – not forgetting its convenient proximity to Mall Living World and Go!Wet Water Park!

This cluster tanamas wisata is the ideal location for families who value eco-friendliness and safety in an atmosphere which is convenient to schools, restaurants, and entertainment.

6. Energy-Efficient Design

Grand Wisata Bekasi offers residents a comfortable living environment where they can Live, Work and Play comfortably and safely. Equipped with various facilities to meet these needs, this township ensures they can live life happily and securely.

Sinarmas Land’s Grand Wisata Bekasi development is founded on a sustainable living concept, with energy-saving appliances and double-glazed windows being utilized in building design to lower electricity consumption.

Cluster Tanamas Grand Wisata Bekasi is an elegant and comfortable urban living environment tailored to millennials. This development features public transport such as Jakarta-Cikampek toll road (JORR 2) and rapid bus services (kereta cepat), shopping centres and restaurants for residents to access easily.

7. High-End Finishes

Grand Wisata Bekasi City Center District is the easiest choice, featuring recreational, healthcare, schooling and even athletic facilities.

Sinar Mas Land has established a mall in Bekasi Metropolitan’s housing area known as Metropolitan Bekasi Metropolitan’s Living World Grand Wisata Mall is one of the more enjoyable travel venues for modern and economic families in Bekasi city.

This 6-meter apartment was created using cutting-edge damage repair technology and available fully furnished; all tanamas abodes in existence today come with affordable pricing because their numbers are sufficient.

8. Smart Design

Grand Wisata Township provides its residents with modern lifestyle amenities to support an ideal quality of life, such as schools, hospitals and a modern market. Furthermore, Grand Wisata provides culinary area and water park. Furthermore, Grand Wisata provides Club House services tailored specifically to its residents’ needs.

Cluster Tanamas provides affordable yet comfortable housing solutions to young families. Their compact design makes them easy to move around with your family, and provides a secure space for children.

9. Easy Accessibility

Full furnished cluster tanamas grand wisata is conveniently situated within Kawasan Grand Wisata Bekasi and provides easy access to an array of facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, schools and other amenities.

Sinarmas Land’s project in Kota Bekasi was designed to meet the needs of modern families living there, featuring its Live, Work, and Play concept that offers residents everything they need for a fulfilling lifestyle. Furthermore, this township features public open spaces dedicated to recreational activities as well as an extensive jogging track and basketball court which are all available 24 hours a day for use by residents.

10. Energy-Efficient Design

Grand Wisata Bekasi provides various amenities to its residents to support their needs, such as shopping centers, office space and restaurants. All residents will enjoy living comfortably within this community.

As well as amenities, the area also features several transportation facilities – toll roads JORR 2 and Jakarta Cikampek as well as buses running daily – making transportation more accessible than ever.

Locate just minutes away from Mall Living World, this cluster tanamas offers the ideal place for residents. Boasting modern design and fully furnished living space, this property will sure to leave an impressionful first impression.

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