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2024 Wedding Photographer Cost: What to Expect

Organizing a wedding does not only mean a series of choices starting with the choice of the place where the couple wants to get married and culminating with the choice of an appropriate dress. One of the great decisions to consider is the hiring of a photographer, to capture the great moments of the day. For people planning for their weddings in 2024, it becomes paramount that they find it within their means or within their reach to acquire the services of a wedding photographer and therefore, it is important to understand the average cost of hiring a wedding photographer. 

This article is centred on the specifics of the employment of a wedding photographer in the year 2024 and the most important points for consideration along with recommendations for the brides-to-be hiring a Brisbane Wedding Photographer.

Location: This is a basic guideline and will help you understand that the cost of hiring a photographer mostly depends on the location of your wedding. Depending on a photographer’s experience and location, the price will differ as well; for instance, photographers operating in such cities as Brisbane will charge higher fees as they have higher costs of operation covering travel, equipment, and studio expenses. Also, venues that are well-known for being good filming locations, especially for popular wedding places, will cost a lot because of the high demand.

Experience and Reputation: Temporary and well-experienced wedding photographers, who have a good portfolio, market reputation, and consistently produce excellent results, are likely to charge higher fees. Husbands and wives may be ready to spend a little extra on a professional who can capture their big day. However, a photographer who is relatively new in his line of business or one who has a small clientele asks for less to get more business.

Package Inclusions: Different types of wedding photography deals are offered in the packages, for example, coverage duration, extra photographers or attendees, images in digital and physical formats or CDs, and separate engagement or bridal portraits. Each of the packages offered should be perused keenly by the couples to be able to determine which package offers what service they require at what cost.

Editing and Post-Production: Wedding photography need not be exhaustive; however, different functions may require touch-ups, making editing and post-production work essential steps in the process. For photographers, who unlike videographers capture moments throughout the day, the entire day is spent ‘touching up’ and sorting the best photographs from the wedding day and preparing them for delivery to the couple. Rates of editing and post-production may be incorporated into the total cost of employing a wedding photographer and may even differ depending on the photographer’s uniqueness and approach.

Additional Services: While some wedding photographers provide only photography coverage, others may also include some extra features like videography services, photo albums or printed materials, photo booths, and pre- or post-wedding photography sessions. These additional services may also increase the total price but can be worth the expense, especially if they create a personalized photo book or other memorabilia that couples may want to look at for many years to come.

Season and Date: Seasonal and day-of-the-week variations are fate when it comes to hiring the services of a wedding photographer. Seasonality is also another factor since the wedding might occur during peak season in terms of photographers, which means that prices will be slightly higher during those seasons. Likewise, weekend events are preferred for some occasions, like weddings, and might offer a higher price than weekdays. Those who were planning to tie the knot during the winter or any other low season, or maybe on a Monday or Tuesday, then they can bargain with the photographers.

Customization and Personalization: Other brides and grooms who would prefer outrageous coverage can hire photographers who offer aerial and customized services. Beyond a set of photos of a particular day, time, event, or other aspects of the couple’s life, the use of personalized photography services may be a little expensive, but they yield unique styles and themes that depict the couple’s personalities.


By the year 2024, due to technological advancement and demand for quality services by grooms, brides, and bridesmaids, couples intending to have wedding photography services in Brisbane, Australia, should budget between $1500 and $5000 and even more to hire wedding photographers. It is important to understand photographer costs and their determinants, what to anticipate in case you hire a photographer, and how to secure the most suitable photographer for your specific occasion who has the capability of offering you those rare, existential, and irreplaceable photographs that are deemed irreversible. Through a comprehensive approach, identification of incompetent agencies, consultation, and evaluation of the contract agreements, couples can easily plan and have their wedding day captured by an intentional and professional photographer.


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